Former U.S. Defense Secretary Esper: U.S. Needs to Re-examine Its One China” Policy”

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper led a delegation of the Atlantic Council, a U.S. international affairs think tank, to Taipei on Monday for a four-day visit, Taipei Times reported on July 20.

Esper told Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen yesterday that in his personal view, the “One China” policy has been outdated, insufficient, and robust to avoid conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

Esper said the United States should move from strategic ambiguity to strategic clarity on cross-strait affairs and re-examine the “One China” policy, adding that Taiwan must demonstrate its seriousness in defending itself by increasing defense spending.

Esper said that Taiwan’s exclusion from the Indo-Pacific economic framework “was a mistake. We cannot allow Communist China to rise within the international system while trying to discard it to suit its ends, means, and values. The United States has seen that the people of Taiwan are fully committed to confronting communist China and defending themselves with the support of democratic countries around the world.

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