The CCP’s Battlefield Command Post Builds in Residential Areas

According to the latest live broadcast of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement program “Fei Fei Show” on Gettr on July 14th, these documents on the construction of battlefield communications facilities for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force were distributed internally intensively among the CCP from 2005 to 2007. Now it is already 2022, and many relevant documents revealed to the world are illustrating military plans aiming at taking over Taiwan. When we look at Google Maps, we discovered that all 19 command posts were covertly constructed in residential areas, surrounded by schools, commercial districts, parks, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. When the Chinese Communist party (CCP) wage war in the Taiwan Strait, residents near the command posts will bear the brunt and rendered as cannon fodders.

Taking Huizhou airport command post for an example, there are about 60,000 resident populations in Pingtan town, 126,000 in the adjacent Ma’an town, 66,000 in Lianghua town, 42,000 in Liangjing town, 150,000 in Shuikou town, 174,000 in Huidong county town, and there are 4.88 million populations in Huizhou city which is 20 kilometers away from Huizhou airport.

If the CCP’s arm force invaded Taiwan, the CCP would lock down nearby residents from entering and leaving in the name of the pandemic, and more than 5 million common people would become cannon fodder and perish in the artillery fire of the war. However, the CCP, which does not care about any lives but themselves, would be completely untouched by hiding behind them. Therefore, everyone must understand one fundamental point here, that is, there is no evil that the CCP is not capable of. During the Second Chinese Civil war (1945-1949), it was not uncommon for the CCP to force a massive amount of common people to rush in front of the battlefield as a part of their tactics of “sending waves of human into the enemy’s front until they cannot bear to see the killing anymore” , eventually making the enemy to withdraw and the CCP would proclaim “victory”. Only by taking down the evil CCP will the common people be survived from being tied to it’s chariot and ending up as cannon fodder.

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