CCP’s Tactic Holding Civilians as Wartime Hostages Will Certainly Fail

In the live broadcast on July 19, Miles Guo disclosed the CCP’s tactic holding civilians hostage and using them as flesh shields during wartime, Miles said that the CCP’s tactic will inevitably fail.

According to the disclosed intelligence, Miles said that although the CCP hides military facilities in densely populated places and uses the Chinese civilians as war shields, all it needs to do is to destroy the CCP’s defense communications and blow up the roads with underground cable connections, and the CCP’s communication defense system will crash immediately.

In addition, the CCP’s military facilities are outdated, and its 1.8-meter-thick military cement bunkers cannot withstand the US military’s attack that can destroy 8 meters underground. Miles said that what is important about the CCP’s intelligence being disclosed lies in the military facilities’ addresses and the communication nodes. Western coalition forces only need to conduct targeted strikes based on accurate intelligence, and the CCP’s hostage strategy will certainly fail.

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