Taiwan: Atlantic Council are Welcomed to Visit

According to Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs official release on July 18th, the Ministry expressed its earnest welcome to the visit of the U.S. Atlantic Council delegation to Taiwan from July 18th to 21st, 2022. The delegation was led by Esper, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Stefanini, former Italian President’s foreign adviser, and Pavel, senior vice-chairman of the Atlantic Council.

During the visit, the delegation will visit high-level officials of Taiwan Government and ministries, and interact with think tanks, and business leaders to learn about the latest developments in Taiwan, and to exchange views extensively on security and economy in the Indo-Pacific region and its relationships with Taiwan, America and the European Union.

Esper has publicly expressed his support and pledge to a democratic Taiwan many times during his tenure as U.S. Secretary of Defense. After taking office, he has continued to pay attention to the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait and is a loyal friend of Taiwan. With the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the international community has become more alert and concerned about the threat that Taiwan directly faces from authoritarian regimes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs looks forward to tightening the understanding and support of Taiwan in the American and European policy circles through this visit.

The Atlantic Council is a non-partisan American think tank headquartered in Washington which was established to strengthen transatlantic policy research and cooperation. It has a rich network in the United States and Europe, and its research is also highly valued by policymakers from various nations.

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