The CCP Virus Sequelae Will Cause Labor Shortage

According to a report, a study showed that up to 30 percent of patients with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus suffered at least one “long-term CCP virus symptom ” within 90 days of recovery, most typical ones include dyspnea, fatigue, and chest pain. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) stated that a total of 2 million people in the UK have reported “long-term CCP virus symptoms,” which is a serious threat to the economic and social recovery process.

Statistics of a German insurance company also show that people infected with the CCP virus in 2020 have almost 1% risk of taking sick leave in 2021 due to long-term CCP virus symptoms ” for relatively long period of 105 days in average. The sequelae include fatigue, rapid heartbeat, dyspnea, chronic neuralgia, paresthesia and muscle weakness.

In the UK, the airline industry has been hobbled for many months by employee shortage. At airports, it is not unusual that passengers have to wait for hours in long line to board. One of the reasons for staff shortage is that large number of employees are on long-term sick leave or quitting jobs because of CCP virus infection.

In Germany, the healthcare system is also under pressure because a large number of medical staff have to leave their jobs for health reasons. Fifty-five percent of intensive care units in Germany have already reported “limited” or “partially limited” operational capacity due to understaffing. At the same time, multiple surgeries were postponed and many medical facilities had to rearrange staff. With regard to this, the German Federal Ministry of Health raised an alarm about serious consequences this could pose to the labor market and even social development.

It is worth noting that a new wave of the CCP virus epidemic broke out in many places around the world, which could cause the manpower shortage deteriorate even more. In Asia, authorities of nations are warning their people to be more cautious to prevent virus transmission and avoid health care system overloading.

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