Communist China Faces Serious Disasters

According to a report on July 18th, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Meteorological Administration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) jointly issued an orange flash flood disaster weather warning at 18:00 on July 18th, expecting that from 20:00 on July 18th to 20:00 on July 19th, mountain torrent and flood disasters are likely to occur in southern Shanxi, western Henan, northwestern Hubei, northeastern Sichuan, western Guizhou, and southern Shaanxi with yellow warning. Among them, there is a high possibility of flash floods of orange warning in southern Shanxi, western Henan, northeastern Sichuan, western Guizhou, and local area of southern Shaanxi.

The CCP is best at covering up man-made disasters through media’s propaganda of impermanence of weather changes, and then blocking speech and using the media’s “happy funerals” to erase the disasters. Now it is said that a large-scale early warning signal will be activated, which makes people shudder.

The entire southern part of China is busy catching its breath in the wake of heavy rainfalls and flood disasters, then a high temperature warning followed up, and now a large-scale mountain flood disaster warning has been issued. This is the current state of Communsit China’s fragmentation with a dictatorial political system, and the country is on the verge of collapse. Only by eliminating the CCP can all the prolems be resolved.

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