Taiwan Accuses Communist China of Stealing Trade Secrets

According to a report on July 15th, a supplier of Apple Inc (AAPL.O) in Communist China was charged by Taiwanese prosecutors on Friday. The charge was filed on the grounds that the Chinese supplier stole trade secrets from Taiwanese suppliers and poached their manpower to secure orders from U.S. companies. The Taipei government considers such violations as a threat to Taiwan’s technology and has underlined efforts to stop the surreptitious and illegal activities by Chinese companies from usurping technology and poaching talent.

Prosecutors said in a statement that Luxshare Precision “lured” Catcher’s research and development team in China with attractive salaries and stole trade secrets from the Taiwanese company, causing tremendous losses to it.

14 people involved in the case have been charged by New Taipei prosecutors for breaching of fiduciary duty and bringing trade secrets overseas for use.

In May, the Taiwanese authorities raided 10 operating companies and research and development centers in Taiwan on suspicion of illegally poaching chip engineers and other tech talent without approval.

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