UK Continues to Support Ukraine Despite PM’s Resignation

The White House said on Thursday, July 7th that the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not affect Britain’s support for Ukraine against Russia.

 John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the National Security Council said in an interview on Wednesday ahead of Jonson’s expected resignation that every leader at NATO and at the G-7said they were going to continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. He add, “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy understands that he has that international support, regardless of government change in any of those countries”

 Johnson confirmed Thursday that he has resigned as Conservative Party leader and as prime minister as soon as a replacement is found. It comes after dozens of ministers in Johnson’s government resigned in the last 24 hours in protest against his appointment of Chris Pincher despite knowing of the allegations of sexual misconduct.

 Johnson recently announced a $1.2 billion program of military aid for Ukraine, bringing its total support to $2.8 billion since the war began in February.

 Britain first began supplying anti-tank weapons to Ukraine in January, just weeks before the war broke out. Johnson also unveiled UK’s largest-ever sanctions against Russia in February, including asset freezing of all major Russian banks.

 Zelenskyy called Johnson “a true friend of Ukraine” in an interview on Thursday after Johnson’s resignation. He also said that Johnson totally supported Ukraine and Britain is on the right side of history. “I’m sure the policies of the UK towards Ukraine will not be changing. Our relationship obviously gained a lot from Boris Johnson’s activities.” Zelenskyy added.

 According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Johnson pledged that Britain will continue to support Ukraine and will continue to supply defensive aid to Zelenskyy’s government to defend the country.

 According to a foreign source, the leading candidate to replace Johnson has been supporting Ukraine since the beginning of Moscow’s invasion.

 After Johnson’s resignation, the White House reacted to it saying it would not affect the UK’s support for Ukraine. It demonstrates the major economies in NATO and G7 their continuing commitment in their support for Ukraine.

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