CPAA Members Cultivate by the CCP Wanted by Taiwan Prosecutors

The Taipei District Prosecutors Office in Taiwan issued a wanted list on July 5th of key members of the Chinese Patriotic Alliance Association (CPAA), including Lin Ming-mei, wife of former chairman Chou Ching-Chun, and Secretary General Zhang Xiuye. Since the former chairman Chou Ching-Chun himself has died, no prosecution will be made. Because Lin Ming-mei and Zhang Xiuye had fled back to Communist China, they were wanted by the prosecution.

 Members of the CPAA and others are accused of receiving financial assistance and instructions from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Taiwan Affairs Office to launch a campaign in Taiwan to counteract the removal of former Kaohsiung mayor, Han Kuo-yu, an action that involved the Anti-Infiltration Act. In addition, they were accused of threatening Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders Joshua Wong Chi-fung, Denise Ho Wan See and others who were visiting Taiwan by violent means under the direction of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government (LOCPG), and conducting a number of illegal protests involving the suspected crime of developing organizations in violation of the National Security Law.

 According to the prosecution’s documents, during the investigation of this case, Zhang Xiuye had previously confessed that Chou Ching-Chun received funds from Taiwan offices around various places of the Communist China, besides that the Taiwan offices were responsible for arranging and instructing Taiwanese businessmen to inject funds, and then that Chou’s wife managed the finances. The Investigation Bureau found that the CPAA supports the CCP and serves as the internal response of the foreign hostile force People’s Republic of China (Communist China) in Taiwan, waits for the opportunity to cooperate with the CCP to carry out the CCP’s intention to unify Taiwan, in an attempt to destroy and change the state system of the Republic of China. Since 2011, members of this group began to receive financial aid from the CCP, engaged in the development of CCP organizations in Taiwan, and cooperated with the CCP’s instructions to promote peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Strait, confront Falun Gong and Taiwan independence, and other tasks. They also nominated Zhang Xiuye, a member of the group, to run for election as a Taipei city councilor, and also used funds provided by the CCP’s Taiwan Affairs Office to help Zhang Xiuye conduct bribery.

 The planned operation of the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office only exposed the tip of the iceberg of the organization developed by the CCP in Taiwan. Taiwan is a country governed by democracy and the rule of law, in the face of the CCP’s infiltration operations, investigation and trial must be conducted in accordance with the law, and the timeliness of punishment is always slow, which gives the CCP passers-by many opportunities to sell Taiwan.

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