Beijing refuted allegations of funding Taiwan’s pro-CCP Group PAA

It was reported on July 7th, the Patriot Alliance Association (PAA) has been accused of acting as an agent of Communist China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), and the mainland Chinese Communist government is funding this pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) group.  

 Zhu Fenglian, Spokeswoman for TAO, refuted these allegations on July 6th. In a statement, she slammed the reports as “fabricated and intended to spread sinister lies” and another “political maneuver by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party to reap political gains and scheme for Taiwan independence by crushing pro-unification voices.”

 The Taipei-based PAA is committed to promoting the reunification of Taiwan and Communist China. It assists the CCP in infiltration activities in Taiwan, including the attacks on Falun Gong practitioners and the forces supporting Taiwan’s independence.

 According to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office, since 2011, PAA founder Chou Ching-chun and his wife Lin Ming-mei have received funding from the TAO offices at the central and local levels in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, and other places in Communist China. While they have used their ties to the CCP to profit from doing business in Communist China, they have also carried out a series of pro-CCP activities in Taiwan, including interfering in Taiwan’s elections through bribery.

 Members of the PAA have been charged with violating the Taiwan National Security Act, the Anti-infiltration Act, and the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act. Taipei prosecutors decided on July 5th not to prosecute Chou, who died last year. Lin and PAA Secretary-General Chang Hsiu-yeh are at large.

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