The CCP’s hedging against U.S. Sanctions will spawn a digital financial payment platform

On June 26, 2022, Miles Guo’s Gettr video broke the news that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is seizing and transferring overseas assets and turning them into gold and assets outside the regulatory scope of the U.S.’s long arm jurisdiction, such as Africa and South America. They stored the gold in third parties or shipped it back to Communist China and hid it to hedge against subsequent U.S. sanctions against the CCP.

Miles said it is a battle between the CCP and the United States that will eventually give rise to a truly digital payment system that no one can interfere with and is free of politics.

On the other hand, Miles designed the HCoin and the “lying flat coin”, which came into being in the right time, and it is a digital financial system belonging to the New Federal State of China that is flourishing and will surely further the process of the CCP’s downfall.

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