Shenzhen Back in Lockdown, Citizens React in Panic

According to a state-owned local media report, on June 23, in Shenzhen, one of the biggest cities in China, 5 new CCP virus cases just broke out on the day; through the Wechat platform, the media immediately announced the measures the city is going to take, which is to divide the city into 3 lockdown tiers again: Lockdown area, Controlled area, and Prevention area.

Due to the censorship, very few videos from the people living in Shenzhen were available online, but one video from an independent local reporter captured the turmoil scene of hundreds of citizens frantically fleeing a soon-to-be-lockdown area. People are climbing over or passing through the fences and walls between the blockades of the buildings, running, yelling, and trying to grab their precious belongings at the last minute.

At one of Shenzhen’s most famous electronic markets, “Hua Qiangbei”, a new notice on the notice board says that the area will be in lockdown between June 25 to 27; all the shops are forced to close, some Chinese Communist Party(CCP)’s government staffers are putting seal strips on the shops; the reporter in the video says “at the moment, all the shopping malls and metros in Shenzhen are also shut down due to the new CCP virus outbreak, but because the source of the outbreak can’t be confirmed, so the city has to apply the large-scale lockdown measures…many shop owners are considering quitting due to the hardship of the business caused by the lockdown and foreign currency exchange rate fluctuation.”

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