U.S. Firmly Sanctions CCP Entities for Supporting Russian Companies

The Biden administration on Tuesday added five companies in Communist China to a trade blacklist for allegedly supporting Russia’s military and defense industrial base, Reuters reported on June 28th.

The Commerce Department, which oversees the trade blacklist, said the targeted companies had provided essential supplies to Russia before the Feb. 24th Russian invasion of Ukraine and continued to contract with Russian “entities of concern” and sanctioned parties, the report said. According to the Federal Register entry, of the 36 companies added to the trade blacklist, 25 are doing business in Communist China. In response, the blacklisting of companies means their U.S. suppliers need a Commerce Department license before they can ship items to them.

The Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security said that the U.S. action intends to send a powerful message to entities and individuals across the world that the U.S. will cut them off if they support Russia. The Chinese Embassy in Washington and the three China-based firms accused of aiding the Russians did not respond to the sanctions.

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