Japanese Media Exposes Russia’s Disinformation On Bucha Tragedy

On April 23, local time, the Japanese media released videos recorded by residents of Bucha, a town in Ukraine, demonstrating the vicious massacre targeting local civilians executed by the Russian forces, in response to the Moscow authorities ‘denial of and disinformation about the tragedy in Bucha. After the exposure of the world-shattering massacre in Bucha, the Russian Foreign Minister repeatedly denied the mistreatment and killing of Ukrainian civilians and further claimed that those residents’ bodies on the streets of Bucha were staged photos by the Ukrainian government.
However, during an on-site investigation by Japanese media, residents of the surrounding areas of Bucha released their videos as evidence of the massacre to the international media for the first time. These videos were recorded during the interval between the withdrawal of Russian forces and the return of Ukrainian troops to Bucha by the Ukrainian survivors, showing civilian bodies were all over Bucha’s streets. Analysts believe that these videos, which are enough proof of Russia’s inhumane crimes in Bucha, could entirely override previously alleged rhetoric from the Putin administration that “there is no violation of humanity or massacre of civilians until the withdrawal of Russian forces.”

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