Japanese Special Envoy’s Visit to Solomon Focuses on Threats from China-Solomon Security Agreement

On the 26th, Japan announced that Vice Foreign Minister Kentaro Uesugi would visit the Solomon Islands amid Japan’s concerns about the Communist China-Solomon security agreement. Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Yoshimasa Hayashi, said on the 22nd that Japan is closely monitoring the development of the Sino-Solomon security agreement that might affect the security of the Asia-Pacific region
Japan believes that Communist China’s increasingly tough military activities in the East and South China Seas pose direct threats to some of the world’s busiest sea routes. Earlier, the Solomon Islands announced the signing of a security agreement with Communist China, raising global concerns that the move could increase Communist China’s military influence in the South Pacific
Representatives from the United States and Australia have successively visited the Solomon Islands to investigate the situation. When the White House Indo-Pacific affairs coordinator Campbell led a delegation to visit Solomon, he warned Solomon that Washington would respond if the China-Solomon security agreement threatened the United States or its allies.

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