Guangxi, China Popularizes “Xi Jinping Thought” Pocket Book

With the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) coming ahead, the propaganda department of the Nanning Municipal Committee of Guangxi compiled a series of “pocketbooks” named “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” which was distributed to locals for reading. Officials said this “pocketbook” will become a “treasure on palm” of Chinese Communist Party cadres as well as for ordinary people, and praised that the book contains infinite wisdom and strength.
Guangxi announced on Friday that Xi Jinping was unanimously elected as a delegate of The National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party by the locals. Afterwards, the authorities stepped up the launch of six special episodes of TV feature films, titled “Follow the Great Revival Leader and Strive for Excellence”. At the same time, Guangxi also launched the pocketbook of “Xi Jinping’s Thought”, distributing them to local government agencies, enterprises, rural schools, and other places, and organized the masses to take photos in the fields with everyone holding a “pocketbook” in their hands, seeking to initiate a trend of “learning from the Great Leader Xi”
According to local media reports in Guangxi, in a field of Wanfu village of Shanglin County, villagers are seen sitting on the field ridge after work, reading the “pocketbook” in the local dialect with the CCP village secretary. The report also described that villagers at times exchanged learning experiences and opinions on “Xi’s thought”, creating a seemingly positive learning environment.Some comments criticized that these actions are exactly the same as during the Cultural Revolution when all people were required to learn Mao’s quotes. Back then, Guangxi was one of the hardest-hit regions where the toxic communist ideology deeply implanted inside the mind of the locals during the Cultural Revolution. Now this is not only a regression of the times, but will also become another catastrophe for the Chinese people.

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