Panic Buying In Beijing And Supermarket Shelves “Cleared”

According to local media reports on April 24, Beijing government of Communist China has once again called for three rounds of nucleic acid testing for residents living and working in Chaoyang District, citing a backlash of the epidemic. Meanwhile, under the pretense that “the virus has been spreading covertly for a week,” authorities are threatening residents to minimize social activities other than going to work and home.
Despite Beijing government repeated claims that there were enough local supplies available, residents of Chaoyang District remained on edge, considering the CCP’s vicious city closures in other areas. That afternoon, many local supermarkets were immediately greeted with a rush of panic buy. According to informed sources, many supermarkets’ shelves were “Cleared” in Chaoyang District, some people even bought a whole pig.
At present, more than a dozen buildings in Chaoyang District have been cordoned off by the authorities.

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