Xi Jinping Was Fooled by People Around Him to Believe that Taking Over Taiwan Would Solve All Problems

On April 21, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned in a live broadcast that Xi Jinping is currently facing three dilemmas. Firstly, the Chinese Communist Party has collapsed economically. If he does not find a way out, he will be finished himself and the Chinese Communist Party will be finished. Secondly, the COVID virus, the quarantine measures, the so-called social extreme stress test, and the political fights within the Chinese Communist Party, are also nearing their limits. Thirdly, Xi Jinping is now still dreaming of being the so-called world leader and fantasizing on destroying the U.S. and the U.S. dollar; the key thing is that Xi has been fooled by the people around him. Xi believes that attacking and destroying Taiwan will solve all the other problems.

Based on the above three points, Mr. Guo concludes by emphasizing that at this time, things will get worse. We should have a long-term plan, which will be helpful to us.

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