Miles Guo Explains The Impact Of A CCP Fighter Jet Crash

On April 24th, Miles Guo analyzed the CCP’s fighter jet crash in detail. News of a Chinese military fighter jet trainer crash was reported in Anhui province on April 23rd, with one of the pilots being a foreigner. Later, it aroused huge response among officials of western countries.

The incident confirms what Miles Guo said exactly one year ago on April 23rd, 2021, that all the CCP’s aircrafts are tested by foreign pilots, especially from Russia or other Commonwealth of Independent States. It further shows that the military cooperation between the Chinese Communist Party and Russia has been deeply rooted. It also revealed that the CCP’s so-called “independent military development” is a stone-cold lie.

According to Miles, Russian pilots were willing to stay in China instead of joining the battle against Ukraine, because the Chinese Communist Party paid more on hiring those foreign military aids than developing its own power. In another sense, Russian military officials sold a lot of technologies to the CCP in return for financial rewards. Unlike traditional mercenary relationships, the Russian military aid to the CCP regime is more of corruption or treason. The jet trainer crash also highlights the backwardness of the CCP’s aircraft technology. Miles said the PLA relies on long distance strikes such as drones, missiles, or submarines due to their poor landing operations.

What’s more interesting is the reaction of the CCP cadres. The PLA pilot was found shocked and kept crying after parachuting.

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