Beijing To Be Locked Down, Stress Test Sweeps The Country

In the live broadcast on April 23rd, 2022, Miles Guo confirmed that Beijing would be on lockdown. The CCP believes they need to control the people and use war to divert all problems to continue its dictatorship. Miles told fellow fighters in Beijing areas that just as he had said a few days ago, Harbin, Qingdao, Dalian, Haikou, and Nanchang have started quarantine, which is a nationwide stress test. The CCP is trying to conduct this test on people’s current ways of living to relieve its economic collapse.

The CCP believes it will have a hard life if ordinary people have a good life. So this is all about controlling the people.

In the live broadcast, Miles also elaborated on Communism. He said that the so-called Communism is to share eating, share wives and assets, and satisfy everyone’s desires. But that doesn’t exist in any religion or even fairy tales. There is no so-called on-demand mythology system. All the CCP’s promises and political brainwashing, the excessive expansion of the Chinese people’s desires, have made the people ignorant of the natural world by mistakenly believing that the CCP is the world’s leader or even the universe.Miles is furious because the CCP’s deceit and scams almost sold and destroyed mountains and rivers in China. The CCP can only launch a war in the name of the so-called “state and nation” to transfer all its problems, including economic deceit and corruption and the fight and struggles within the party.

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