Reasons Behind The Attack On The NFSC Relief Frontline Volunteers

On April 24th, Miles Guo said in a live broadcast, there are three important reasons for the attack on the NFSC Ukrainian frontline relief crew at the Medyka camp in Poland. First, racial discrimination was one of the root causes behind the attack. These people would never dare to attack people of other colors.

The second reason is the erosion of Marxism in the West. It made some Westerners confused in differentiating between men and women, good and evil, while worshiping communism and totalitarianism. Therefore, the idea that the NFSC wants to eliminate communism has created a hatred mentality among these people. The last point is the ugliest side of human nature, envy and jealousy. Many people see yellow-skinned people, see Asian faces and become contemptuous. Especially when they see the excellence of the NFSC fellow fighters, with tent facilities, coffee machines and other equipment, they can develop a psychology of hatred. This mentality is the ideology represented by the third faction in the United States other than the Republicans and Democrats, namely the Wall Street faction. They believe that the Chinese can only be slaves and make money for these so-called bigwigs.

Miles Guo called on fellow fighters to collect evidence of those few attackers, such as attacking our fellow fighters, and going to the other tents to fabricate and spread rumors. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) is going to initiate legal proceedings against them in their home countries for racial discrimination. Miles also stressed that the purpose of launching the Whistleblower Movement and establishing the NFSC is to ensure and maintain the human rights, dignity, and rule of law of Chinese people in the world, to take down the Communist Party. And the NFSC will safeguard the national dignity of the Chinese people according to law.

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