Video Of Putin’s Gripping Table Show His Health Might Be Deteriorating

The released video of Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with Defense Minister Shoygu on April 21 has heated discussions regarding Putin’s health. Observers believe that Putin’s health has deteriorated since Russia invaded Ukraine. The video showed that while Putin is talking to Shoygu, his body seemed limp and weak and he tries to lean on the chair many times. His right hand clenched on the table’s edge, his face looked pale, and his feet were shaking during the meeting. Although the 10-minute video was sped up, it was not hard to see that Putin was experiencing some pains.

Some politicians have commented on this video. Louise Mensch, a former British member of Parliament, said she had reported that Putin had Parkinson’s disease. Anders Åslund, a former Swedish adviser to Russia and Ukraine, wrote that the video showed Putin was in a depressed mood and poor health condition. Fiona Hill, former U.S. President Trump’s adviser on Russia, once told the media that Putin may have taken excessive doses of steroids because of back problems. Proekt, a Russian investigative media, reported on April 1 that from 2016 to 2020, a thyroid cancer expert provided about 35 consultation services to Putin, whereas another ENT doctor (otolaryngologist) provided 59 times of consultations.

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