People Support the Russian Invaders Will Face Jail Time in Germany

Recently, in several federal states in Germany, the public display of the “Z” symbol in solidarity with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been deemed illegal. According to an investigation by the Network of Renowned German Media Editors (RND), there have been more than 140 related lawsuits.

According to a survey conducted by the German editorial network of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Justice Ministry and the federal state criminal offices, the German police and prosecutors have so far undertaken more than 140 cases related to advocacy of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Of these, most cases involve the use of the “Z” symbol. The invading Russian army printed this symbol on tanks, vehicles and other objects.

The findings show that in the Saxony-Anhalt region of East Germany alone, at least 19 violations of article 140 of the Criminal Code have been recorded since the Russian army invaded Ukraine. According to this article, beautifying and condoning crimes are crimes. In several federal states, the use of the emblem is regarded as support for the war of aggression against Russia, which violates international law and is illegal.

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