U.S. and EU Joint Statement Opposes Changes to Peaceful Status Quo in Taiwan Strait

On April 22, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and European External Action Service Secretary-General Stefano Sannino issued a joint statement. They said maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is vital to regional and global peace and prosperity.

It is reported that the top leaders of the U.S. and the EU held conferences on Russia-Ukraine war and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the EU headquarters in Brussels from April 19 to 22. Sherman and Sannino expressed concerns and opposition to the CCP is increasingly deploying coercive diplomacy to other countries and called on the international community to cooperate closely in response to the CCP’s use of economic coercion.

The U.S. and EU also warned the CCP do not undermine international sanctions against Russia and oppose any form of support for Russia. Otherwise, it will face strong confrontation between the U.S. and EU. On the Taiwan issue, both sides said they support the peaceful settlement of cross-Strait issues and against any disruption of the status quo. In this regard, the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed gratitude and stressed keeping peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait has become common will of the United States, the European Union and other democratic countries.

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