U.S. Plans Legislation to Stop Investing in Communist China

According media reports on April 21, the US Congress is preparing a historic legislation aimed at helping the United States compete with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), especially in the high-tech industry. Some latest data show that since 2010, the US state and local governments have provided nearly $2 billion in subsidies to companies with CCP background. By taking advantage of the differences between the federal and state management systems, Communist China has tailored its strategy for the case at the expense of the interests of many American companies.

Besides the economic interests, the CCP is also buying political influence; because the governors of all states have some autonomy. For example, the governors may not obey the orders of the Federal. Meanwhile, they have a certain degree of diplomatic independence. Therefore, the CCP bought some governors and local elected officials and have them to complain to their federal delegations while the White House takes tough actions against the CCP.

The report argues that Congress should enact legislation to prohibit U.S. states and any federal from providing financial aid to communist China. It also asks the states to promise not to subsidize CCP’s companies within a certain period of time.

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