The CCP Attempt To Take Advantage of the US Midterm Elections For Global Domination

In the live broadcast on April 23, Miles Guo revealed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is waiting for an opportunity to further disrupt the international order in the midterm elections of the United States in November this year. According to Miles, Xi Jinping is very obsessed with the Modelski cycle, claiming that he is the next chosen dominator of the new world. The arrogance and ignorance of a dictator convinced him that the CCP could use the opportunity of the US midterm elections to create chaos. He believes that CCP could achieve objectives of recapturing Taiwan, controlling Asia, and vigorously pushing the RMB and the BRICS financial system.

Besides, he proactively promotes the BRICS Organization and Shanghai Finance to the world, aiming to form a new ecology that replaces the US dollar financial system. In order to realize this political and economic attempt, Xi and the CCP regime has imposed martial law across Communist China, controlling the food and wealth of the ordinary people. In the name of so-called pandemic prevention, they confine people in their homes, prohibit them to have meals outside, and forbid them to do large remittances and cash withdrawals from banks.

While some in Communist China will die because of the CCP vaccine-induced disasters, those who survived will have their wealth, and even interests of their future generations, plundered by the CCP as this evil regime’s attempt to promote its RMB system and establish a new global financial order .

The CCP believes that either it will succeed, or the world will be buried together with them. Miles stressed that the RMB will not only face devaluation but will also directly become waste paper in the future. The Hong Kong stock market is currently floating at 20,000. Once its index falls below 18,000, the Hong Kong dollar will disappear immediately. The CCP’s preposterous dream will only lead to its demise more quickly.

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