CCP Purges Users Sharing Information About Shanghai Lockdown On Chinese Social Media

Miles Guo pointed out in his broadcast on April 21st that the massive quarantine measures in Shanghai may end soon, and the following actions the Chinese Communist Party is going to take are to censor and punish those who spread information regarding the lockdown situations on social media.

The following day, CCP’s propaganda announced that it had banned 30 group chats that spread rumors about Shanghai’s pandemic situation. The regime then said that it would take proceeding actions to punish 23 WeChat users for publishing rumors by restricting their WeChat accounts. At the same time, it said in its announcement that incidents like Shanghai police carrying manikins and propagandizing it as the government saving residents was a rumor, and pregnant women who died of premature delivery were fake. Other than that, the regime even denied the fact, which has recorded videos, that nobody took care of donated rescue supplies during the lockdown and that incidents of vegetables rotting in the ground due to the government’s lockdown policies were not real, as the CCP claims. These all prove that the CCP starts its tactics to resist the Chinese people to get and share information. They even used their power to purge on those who shared those videos.

Miles Guo mentioned on April 22nd, that a female volunteer in Shanghai shared a video of her saying what she witnessed about an elderly person who starved for many days due to a lack of food supplies that he had to eat his feces. Soon after the video was posted, the CCP defined this volunteer and the video as a “foreign manipulation” and have caused significant harm to the Communist Party. As these incidents occur, it’s clear that the CCP’s new round of actions to purge social media comments and content has begun.

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