Taking Down The CCP Is The Only Way To Free Hong Kong

On April 22, 2022, Miles Guo stated in a live broadcast that the Hong Kong currency and the Hong Kong economy are both over. Unless the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is eliminated, Hong Kong will not get any better. The Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) will definitely go bankrupt in the future.Miles revealed that many of his brothers-in-arms in Hong Kong said that stocks have busted recently. The stocks that were once the best are also going to crash. Many Chinese people have not lived to understand and are full of longing and fantasy. They do not believe that the Hong Kong dollar and the Hong Kong economy are finished.

Those public funds on the book have retrieved $18 billion in all the stocks they had long term invested in China, and the actual number exceeded that figure by multiple times. For example, PAG invested tens of billions of dollars into communist China and recently tried to withdraw it, but it was embezzled by Wang Qishan and some other powerful CCP families.

The PAG deceived the U.S. pension funds and moved them into communist China, which will lead to its bankruptcy once it discloses.According to the PAG’s account books, a significant portion of its annual management fees were spent on layers frantically attacking and taking out anyone who tried to expose the truth about its frauds. On the other hand those law firms assisted the PAG to collude with the CCP bypassing supervisions and regulations.

But no matter how evil the PAG is and how much money it has, it will definitely be severely punished by justice. It will eventually become one of the biggest scandals among all financial institutions and judicial institutions both in China and the United States.

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