Most CCP Members Believe the NFSC Will Annihilate the CCP

During his live broadcast on April 19th, Miles Guo talked about how the people in Communist China view the different stages of the Whistleblower Movement and its mission to take down the CCP. At the beginning of the Whistleblower Movement, those who have had deep interactions with Miles in the CCP regime and the business community, have said “a wise man does not stand under a dangerous wall”. They believed that the Whistleblowers Movement was a dangerous wall. Anybody who stands under the dangerous wall will be targeted by the CCP.

As the various revelations of the Whistleblowers Movement continue to be verified, more and more people follow Miles’ advice to flee the CCP, or choose to join the Whistleblowers Movement. And many even risk their lives to provide important information. But most people in the regime, despite their admiration of Miles and belief of the CCP’s ultimate destruction, still deem that this is none of their business. They only crave for more financial gains and get by with their self centred lives.

However, the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the humanitarian disaster caused by Xi Jinping’s large isolation of Shanghai have fundamentally changed the situation. The vast majority of people in the Chinese regime have come to believe that the New Federal State of China (NFSC), which blossomed under the Whistleblowers Movement, is the only organisation that can annihilate the CCP. This holy mission is unique and unwavering, and is blessed by God.

The rescue mission in Medyka, Poland shows everyone in the world that there is such a group of Chinese who are determined to eliminate the CCP. The image of the cowardly, selfish, and greedy Chinese previously represented by the CCP is hence reversed. Due to the impact of international economic sanctions in the Russian Ukrainian war, the families of many CCP officials abroad have been affected. Officials in the regime who have been unable to see the truth for a long time are finally waking up.

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