NFSC may Establish Embassies in Ukraine and Poland

On April 21st, Miles Guo mentioned in the Livestream that Putin has sent a signal of reconciliation to the West due to successive defeats in the war. The outcome of the negotiations might become apparent from mid-June. Miles stated that if Putin surrenders, there could be a significant change for our rescue operations in Ukraine. We will consider buying a property in the area and negotiate with the local government to establish our very first embassy, called the New Federal State of China Embassy in the Medyka Battlefield. In addition, we’ll also look at setting up the New Federal State of China Embassy in Kiev. Ambassadors of the New Federal State of China will be deployed.

Miles said that in the Current Russia-Ukraine War, the brothers-in-arms of the NFSC who went to the Ukrainian frontline have shown selflessness, bravery, and great courage. We have demonstrated to the world a completely different image of the New Chinese from the Chinese Communist Party. The future of the New Federal State of China is closely linked to Ukraine, Jewish people, and Jewish organisations. At the same time, all countries, including the United Nations, are aware of the existence and significance of the NFSC. Our rescue operations have created a solid foundation for the NFSC to further become internationally recognized.

At present, the search volume of the New Federal State of China online has increased from the past tens of millions to more than one billion.

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