The CCP’s Scheme of “Next 30 Years”

On April 19th during the live broadcast marking the fifth anniversary of the Interruption of the VOA Broadcast, Miles Guo revealed that Xi Jinping had conspired a plan for the so-called “Next 30 years of the CCP” when he was still vice president of the CCP.

t that time, Teng Wensheng and Wang Huning proposed to Xi Jinping a concept of “the next 30 years of the CCP” based on the so-called 30-year phase of the CCP’s development. The idea was that in the next 30 years, the Communist Party would transform itself into a major maritime power and a labour-exporting country in order to solve the problem of its excess production capabilities.

At the same time, it will either force foreign companies to hand over their advanced technologies through government measures, as well as through theft, looting, or cheating to acquire the advanced technologies of the West. The CCP would expect to crush the US dollar financially and eventually to achieve the goal of leading the world.

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