The CCP Mouthpiece Blatant Lie: Over 20 million Tons Of Food Supplies For Shanghai Lockdown

On April 15, a news released by the CCP’s mouthpiece TV triggered a strong criticism from the people in Communist China.
It is revealed that CCP through its usual propaganda tactics claimed that during the Shanghai lockdown, Yancheng and other region supplied Shanghai with 371,000 vegetable packages, and the cumulative supply of vegetables, eggs and rice to Shanghai reached more than 25 million tons.
In response to this data, the Chinese people are uproar: some netizens calculated that Shanghai has less than 25 million people in total, according to the statistics given by the Chinese government, each local resident should receive more than one ton of food supplies on average. However, according to Shanghai residents, the real situation is worrisome: food shortages are common, starvation has become the daily routine of residents, and serious lack of supplies is leading Shanghai people to return to the age of bartering.
In this regard, commentators said that the CCP’s blatant counterfeiting has gone beyond the normal minds. But on the other hand, with the development of science and technology, the people inside the Communist China are gradually seeing the true face of the CCP, which also indicates that the CCP will be eliminated.

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