China Merchants Bank Stock Price Plummeted; President Tian Huiyu Dismissed

On April 18, local time, according to relevant media reports from the Communist China, the A-share China Merchants Bank fell sharply for unknown reason after the opening of the market that day, with a maximum drop of 8.65%. A single-day market value evaporated at 102 billion yuan. At the same time, affected by the slump of China Merchants Bank, other bank stocks fell across the board.
The vast shock in Merchants Bank’s share price may be due to the unfavorable rumors that the bank’s president Tian Huiyu was exposed last weekend. For this reason, Merchants Bank announced in the evening that the bank’s board of directors had agreed to remove Tian Huiyu as president and director of the bank. Sources revealed that the Bank originally planned to announce its financial report for the first quarter of 2022 on the 23rd of this month. However, the bank, as a publicly listed company, dismissed its president before the major announcement, was thought-provoking.
As a matter of fact, Miles Guo has repeatedly mentioned Tian Huiyu as one of the key figures in the revelations since 2017. Miles said that Tian Huiyu, Tian Guoli, Chen Feng, and Wang Jian are the core members of the Wang Qishan kleptocratic group, among them Wang Jian was murdered in Provence, France. He also revealed that the CCP’s kleptocratic group stole huge amount of wealth of the deplorables for their own use by controlling the banking system in Communist China. Miles Guo broke the news in an earlier live broadcast, saying that as a victim of the fight between Xi and Wang within the CCP, Tian Huiyu would face jail time.

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