CCP’s Purge On Elderly Population In Name of “Zero-Covid Policies”

In the Gettr Video on Apr 18th, Miles Guo once again exposed CCP government’s premediated massacre plan using the toxic CCP virus vaccine under the disguise of zero-Covid policy.
Miles Guo pointed out despite CCP’s claim that the economic growth rate in the first quarter of 2022 reached 4.8%, the fellow fight inside CCP revealed the various economic indicators of Communist China in 2022 all experienced negative growth. To this end, the ageing population over 60 years old in Communist China, who CCP believed did nothing but consume social resources and waste medical supplies, made no contribution to the society or had completely become heavy social burdens, have been the targets of mass extermination by vaccination.
Miles revealed that the existing Zero-Covid policy in Communist China could reduced the social costs by 60% to 70%. In the meantime, CCP’s deliberate murder using poisonous vaccine could further alleviate its burden, thereby consolidating its reign of evil. In this regard, Mr. Guo added that the impending Zero-Covid policies in Qingdao, Dalian, Harbin and Haikou were exactly the disguises of CCP’s premediated massacre.
Miles once again reminded the compatriots in Communist China to see through CCP’s lies. All CCP’s senior officials were unvaccinated. Ordinary Chinese people should cherish life and stay away from CCP virus vaccine.

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