NFSC Coffee And Rescue Tents Are Glorified By International Volunteers

In a Poland rescue frontline coverage from the New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s journalists, a volunteer from the World Central Kitchen (WCK) of South Carolina, USA, restated his acclaim for the facilities in the relief camp operated by the NFSC, especially the NFSC coffee.
WCK, a not-for-profit NGO organization, is known to have food preparation and distribution centers globally in response to all types of disaster situations. To make the access to food easier for Ukrainian refugees, WCK activated a central kitchen in Przemysl, Poland, along with two distribution stations in Medyca and one distribution center at the main railway station in Mannheim.
When asked about his impressions of the Medyca camp, the WCK volunteer commented that the NFSC relief tents were like a base camp where any rescue volunteer could enjoy the convenient facilities and comfortable settings, not to mention the delicious NFSC coffee.

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