Putin Attempts To Build “Kid’s Army” To Cover For Russian Losses

On April 19th, according to relevant media reports, due to the heavy losses suffered by the Russian troops in Ukraine, Putin is trying to recruit 16-year-old Russian teenagers from the “Patriotic club” to form a “Kid’s army” to fill the gap of more than 30000 Russian soldiers who were killed, injured, or captured in the war so far.
The report mentioned that the recruited youngsters are undergoing military training and they will be forcibly sent by the Moscow authorities to the front line of the invasion of Ukraine subsequently. At present, some of them have been deployed to war zones and killed on the battlefield. It has been reported that Ukrainian soldiers found badges and insignia of Russian military cadets who are not supposed to be appeared on war zones.
The Ukrainian parliament commissioner on human rights, Lyudmyla Denisova, said children who participated in the so-called ‘patriotic clubs’ are being mobilized into illegal weapons formations. Meanwhile, officials have called on the United Nations to investigate Putin’ alleged deployment of child soldiers.

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