Zelenskyy Won’t Give Up Donbass In Exchange For Ending The War

It was reported on April 17th, that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said in a recent interview that the Ukrainian army is preparing for a decisive battle with Moscow’s forces in the Donbass region, a battle that could influence the course of the entire war, and he is not willing to give up Eastern territory to end the war with Russia. If Russia can capture Donbass, there is no guarantee that Russia will not try to capture Kyiv again. At the same time, he believes that Ukraine will win this battle in the east.

Referring to the terrible civilian casualties suffered across Ukraine, Zelenskyy warned that the world should be prepared for Putin’s use of tactical nuclear weapons; because he does not value Ukrainian lives and his forces are conducting not just war but genocide in Ukraine, with many civilians slaughtered.

Zelenskyy concluded by calling on countries to provide more aids to help Ukraine defend itself against an imminent Russian offensive. And he said he was confident that countries would support them not only with words, but also with actions.

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