Fearless Mariupol Hold the Ground Against Russian Threat

The Russian Defense Ministry allegedly has given Ukrainian troops in Mariupol until noon local time to lay down arms and observe a seven-hour cease-fire and leave the battlefield. President Zelenskyy stressed that he is not ready to give up one inch of the territory of the eastern part of Ukraine.

Zelenskyy said that he does not trust the Russian army or the Russian leadership, if the defenders of Mariupol are wiped out, any previous negotiations between Ukraine and Russia will be broken. It is a known fact that Mariupol is the only way to connect the eastern and southern Ukraine.

In response to Russian forces claiming to have almost complete control of Mariupol, Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal said the same day that the city has not fallen, Ukrainian defenders are still fighting relentlessly and control several parts of the city.

As Russian troops have been besieging Mariupol for more than two months, Zelenskyy pointed out on the 16th that the current situation in Mariupol is extremely serious. He once again urged the West to immediately provide more heavy weapons, and called upon the West to unite to save the besieged city.

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