United States And Japan Provide Sanctuary For People Escape From Shanghai

On April 18, Miles Guo revealed in a live broadcast that before the humanitarian crisis of “dynamic zero tolerance” policy was carried out to counter the epidemic in Shanghai. Miles has repeatedly reminded his friends and brothers-in-arms to leave quickly based on multiple intelligence but failed to trigger people’s attention.

After suffering the pain of life and death, poverty and illnesses, some compatriots finally recognized the reality and prepared to flee. According to Miles, some people spent millions of RMB in cash in order to escape from Shanghai. One of his friends spent tens of millions to help people and thanks to his help, a dozen people successfully escaped. The number of comrades who have successfully fled and reached Japan is reaching nearly two thousand.

A brother-in-arms who fled from Shanghai to the United States, despite the expiration of his visa, was allowed a six-month stay by officials of the Department of Homeland Security after learning of his situation. Another brother-in-arms, who fled from Shanghai, was granted the right to stay in the United States for a long time after entering the country and providing a truthful report of the situation in Shanghai to homeland security officials. Shanghai citizens arriving in Japan are also essentially allowed entry. A Japanese corporate leader transferred all his Chinese executives in Shanghai to Japan.

Neither the Americans nor the Japanese in Shanghai received food and supplies, they are facing the risk of being starved to death. On the other hand, how democracies such as the United States and Japan treat Chinese people and how the Chinese Communist Party treats Americans and Japanese people form a strong contrast.

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