Shanghai Death Tolls Continues To Rise, Including Even Celebrities

For several weeks, CCP’s violent pandemic-related restrictions in Shanghai have put people’s lives into desperation. Miles Guo said in the live broadcast on April 16th that the death toll in Shanghai has reached nearly one million.

Typically there are about 60,000-70,000 operations in Shanghai hospitals every day. Now that the hospitals suspend accepting patients, these people can only wait to pass away. Some patients with long-term chronic diseases cannot get medical treatment even if they have money, and their lives are hanging by a thread.

Chen Shunping, a famous Shanghai musician, chose to commit suicide by jumping off the building and passed away on April 14 due to failing to get medical treatment for his pancreatitis. On April 15th, a famous writer Chen Cun suffered from an acute asthma attack. He was tossed around from many places for emergency medical treatment and finally was saved in a hospital. The writer posted the whole process the next day and was censored by the CCP. In the end, he was forced to delete the original text and made an open apology.

Shanghai is well known as an international metropolis, but nobody can escape the CCP’s severe pandemic restrictions, whether ordinary people or celebrities and wealthy people.

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