G-Series Media Platforms Must Always Uphold Justice

In the live broadcast on April 19th, 2021, Miles Guo emphasized the importance of the media in today’s international politics, economy and other fields by reviewing the “4.19” incident of the Whistleblower Movement.

Miles first said that the U.S. law restricting media cross-shareholding and monopoly was completely out of control, and had fallen from a real lighthouse of freedom in the past to a lighthouse of darkness. The first manifestation of the dark lighthouse is the media and social media, which are actually completely controlled by the five families. Since the beginning of the Whistleblower Movement, the Chinese Communist Party has been infiltrating and bribing Western media, constantly spreading rumors and defaming Miles Guo, and manipulating the law and justice of the world.

Miles highlighted that the media hold the definition and pricing power, and it is an even more powerful force than nuclear weapons. There has never been a “neutral” media in history. G-series media platforms, namely GNews, GTV, and Gettr, were born out of this trend and demand. They are not only platforms that allow the Chinese people to speak freely, but also the only platform to ensure Chinese people’s justice, security and interests overseas. To survive, G-series media platforms must always uphold justice.

As human beings are entering the greatest technological era, the G-series media platform will fully integrate a new generation of high technology.

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