A Review Of The “419 Broadcast Interruption Incident ” To Identify The CCP’s spy Sasha Gong

On April 19th, 2017, after several invitations from Voice of America (VOA), Miles Guo was interviewed by Sasha Gong’s team from VOA’s Communist China Branch. However, before his interview with VOA, senior CCP officials repeatedly warned and threatened Miles and again detained his relatives and employees in China to stop him from taking the interview. After the “419 Broadcast Interruption Incident”, the battle to takedown the CCP initiated by Miles officially entered the international spotlight.

The mastermind of the “419 Broadcast Interruption Incident ” was Sasha Gong, a CCP agent who had carefully prepared the interview as a fishing expedition to find out how much information Miles had on top cadres of the CCP, especially Wang Qishan. However, she didn’t expect that Miles would turn it into a perfect opportunity to expose Wang Qishan. Seeing things go awry, Sasha Gong was forced to cut-off the live broadcast, thus the “419 Broadcast Interruption Incident” became the earliest milestone of the Whistleblower Movement.

The “419 Broadcast Interruption Incident ” linked the Whistleblower Movement to the Western world, which began to pay attention to the CCP’s propaganda infiltration in the Western media. It also ripped off the disguise of the overseas pseudo-democracy movement as “anti-CCP ” and exposed the silent force that the CCP had laid out overseas.

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