People Protest On The Streets As Chinese Communist Party’s Bizarre Epidemic Prevention

Strange incidents have occurred frequently under the CCP’s crazy epidemic control policy.

On April 13, social media reported that many university dormitories began to control students’ accesses to the bathroom during the epidemic lockdown. Changchun University has a mini mobile APP specially used for queuing. Students are not allowed to wash their hands after going to the bathroom.They allegedly feared that garbage in the bathroom and faucet handles would bring infection of the CCP virus. Instead, students had to go back to their dormitories and wipe their hands with alcohol wipes. In addition, for the inconvenience of going to the toilet, it is more difficult for students to take a bath. Some students have not bathed for more than a month. Their bodies have rashes, rupture of membrane, and bleeding. Some netizens posted about girls from Tongji University lining up to go to the toilet in the WeChat chat group and having the unbearable call of nature. Some commentators said, “the girls have loss the minimum dignity under the ravages of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The most important thing to prevent the transmission of the CCP virus is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. But by judging from the CCP’s prevention measures, torturing the ordinary people has become the priority.

In addition, incidents of mass rebellion by people who are dissatisfied with what the CCP has done started to appear.

On the 14th, in Zhangjiang Town and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, in Pudong new district, two consecutive incidents of people starting protest on the streets. First, residents of Xiangnan Road in Zhangjiang Town broke through the epidemic prevention barricade. They gathered around on Xiangnan Road to protest the government’s brutal epidemic prevention measures, hold protest notices aloft, and sing the national anthem of the Communist Party. When the protesters crowded the entire road, there were many armed police formed a human wall at the scene to forcibly drive away from the protesters. Another protest took place in the Zhangjiang NES International community in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong’s new district. The area is the residence of high-tech talents in Shanghai. The government forcibly requisitioned it as an isolation area. Many residents who did not want to leave were violently subjugated and abused by the police who physically wore the protective clothing.

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