Rescue of the NFSC Is Increasingly Recognized Worldwide

On April 15, a self-media person from Brazil arrived at the large tent of the NFSC relief camp in the Polish front. When he realized that we had been able to build the largest and most well-equipped tent in the entire camp within two days, he was amazed by the NFSC and ROLF’s strong financial ability and high-quality volunteers.

Seeing that he knew something about the evil of the CCP but not much about it, our sister Nicole told him in detail about the difference between the CCP and the Chinese, telling him that if large Western companies want to gain access to the huge market of 1.4 billion Chinese, they must cut ties with the CCP and stand with the NFSC to destroy the CCP.

Also that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people. He has also been told about the blocking of the NFSC by Twitter and Facebook under the control of the CCP, and our new social media platform, GETTR. He said that he would definitely help spread the news about the NFSC in Brazil.

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