Japanese Media Exposes Inhuman Pandemic Control Measures In Shanghai

On April 14, a Shanghai frontline correspondent from Japan revealed the humanitarian crisis caused by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) “zero-covid policy’ through his own experience of home quarantine. The journalist said that he received only rice and vegetables during the two weeks of the lockdown and that he is losing weight because of the lack of food supplies.

He reported that the CCP’s food supplies during the lockdown were not reasonably distributed according to the composition of each household as in Japan, and even equal distribution cannot be guaranteed. Residents in some areas receive no supplies at all, while certain areas were flooded with food and supplies. When he visited a family of five, the interview exposed that middle school teenagers in their developing years had to eat only vegetables every day, while diaper supplies for a two-year-old baby would be precarious.

The Japanese journalist points out that the CCP virus has brought logistics and economic activity in Shanghai to a complete standstill. The city’s restriction measures have also reversed the image of the CCP’s propaganda of its being able to fight the pandemic with a unified will. He added. “The Communist Party’s ability to govern has been completely exposed. Now, the country is filled with a sense of primitiveness and chaos.”

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