Japan Plans To Send Self-Defense Forces Transport Aircraft To Reinforce The Relief Of Ukrainian Refugees

According to Japanese media on April 13, Japan plans to send a Self-Defense Force C-2 transport plane later this month to help deliver relief supplies to countries hosting Ukrainian refugees. This mission is expected to transport supplies once a week from late April, with a total of about 10 flights, which will continue till the end of June.

Due to Russia’s continued war of aggression in Ukraine despite the condemnation in the international community, about 4 million people fled their homes. At the request of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Japanese Cabinet will decide whether to send Self-Defense Forces aircraft to participate in international humanitarian relief operations as early as next week in accordance with the country’s International Peace Cooperation Law.

The Japanese government shipped bulletproof vests and helmets to war-torn Ukraine through Poland in March. If this assistance plan is implemented, the aircraft will deliver supplies such as blankets and sleeping mats through a third country to Ukraine.

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