Taiwan’s New Local Cases Surge to a New High

Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center reported 1,210 new local cases of the CCP Virus on Apr 17, the third consecutive day with more than 1,000 new cases, a record high since the outbreak started. In addition, Taiwan also had 93 new cases from abroad on the same day, bringing the total number of new infections to 1,303 in a single day, with no new deaths reported.

Immediately, several media outlets in Communist China reported that “Taiwan’s new local cases have exceeded 1,000 for three days in a row.” Two days earlier, in his live broadcast on 15 April, Miles Guo disclosed that, on the same day, Xi Jinping had officially launched an operation codenamed “Sons of Taiwan” that would provoke unrest and riots in Taiwan by severing electricity and water supplies to enable Communist China’s invasion of Taiwan.

According to some analysts, the sudden rise in new cases of the CCP Virus in Taiwan may be closely linked to the “Sons of Taiwan” operation.

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