Under the Threat of the CCP, Taiwan Issued a War Survival Guide to the Public for the First Time

On April 12, local time, in view of the increasing threat from the CCP, the Taiwan military issued a civil defense manual to provide survival guidance for citizens in war.

The instruction manual details how to find water, food supplies and bomb shelters via a smartphone app, as well as prepare a first aid kit. Also contains tips on how to survive a military attack, how to distinguish between air raid sirens and dodging missiles. The manual is in the form of a comic strip, which is clear and easy to understand. Taiwan’s defense officials said that the manual draws on similar guidelines issued by Sweden and Japan, and the information will be continuously updated, such as shelters, hospitals and daily necessities stores, to prepare for safety , and help people survive.

Although Taiwan has not reported any signs of a CCP invasion, it has been close at hand since the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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