Taiwan Military To Send Non-commissioned Officers To US

In response to the Chinese Communist Party’s progressively arrogant threat of invasion against Taiwan, on April 13 local time, Taiwan’s military will send non-commissioned officers (NCOs) to the United States to observe the training of their American counterparts later this year, with the aim of boosting the joint operations capability of the nation’s armed forces, a military source told CNA Wednesday.

It is reported that the Chief Master Sergeant of Taiwan’s Department of Defense led a number of Master Sergeants and Staff Sergeants to the US Army Pacific Special Operations Command, Indo-Pacific Command, and the 25th Army Pacific Division Lightning Training Center for observation and communication in December 2021.

In this exchange, Taiwan will send non-commissioned officers to the relevant US military units to observe the USJoint Warfare Non-Commissioned Officer class, and learn how to achieve practical experience in joint warfare between the various military services. Previously Taiwan’s military only sent more high-level military officers on such observation trips to the US

The report also mentioned that the United States has continued to promote joint warfare training in recent years. This year Taiwan will be focused on communication learning such as electronic communications, network operations, a number of one-person expertise and the use of reserve forces, and so on.

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