Japanese Media Dissect the Motives of Putin Invaded Ukraine

On April 14, one Japanese media key dissects the motives of Putin invaded Ukraine in the program, considered that it’s has a relationship with Putin’s education of Soviet thinker and his experience as Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti (KGB.)

Firstly, Putin directly changed the national anthem back to the Soviet anthem’s tune as after the year of 1977, since he took over as the presidency in 2000 and shed tears when he heard it during his visit to Mongolia. This indicated that Putin always missed the Soviet era in his heart and utilized this tune to evoke the Russian Great Nations.

Secondly, Putin abrogated the treaty of regarding the Revolutionary Day of November 7th as day off, but regarding the Soviet Victory over Nazi Germany Day of May 9th and 17th century of Russian successfully fighting back to Poland Day of November 4th as the Anniversary Day. And, he held many military parades after May 9, 2008. Media analyzed Putin wanted to give the Russians some ideas through this, which is Russian is a country who will fight back when bullied. But this invasion of Ukraine was used as the theoretical basis of Ukraine and Western would invade Russia.

Specially, Media also pointed out that, the reason that Putin abrogated the Revolutionary Day of November 7th is because Putin as KGB who witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union. A powerful regime could be died instantly surrounded by the people, which gave him a great shock and fear. 

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